6 top tips for Hebe plant care

We love its funky name and all year round colour pop boost to any garden, which is why we are making the Hebe our plant of the month!

Do you own some Hebe plants but clueless on how to care for them? Look no further, Magnolia the Florist are here to help.

Here are our 6 top tips for Hebe plant care:

  1. Hebe likes a sunny spot in the garden and can tolerate full sun (but will also happily thrive in partial shade)
  2. Ensure water can always drain away – the Hebe doesn’t like sitting in puddles of water.
  3. When your Hebe is flowering (Summer-Autumn), give it a water with plant food in once a fortnight.
  4. To help keep your Hebe flowering well, remove the dead heads from the plant when they start to shrivel up.
  5. Hebe’s are hardy little plants, but if there is a hard frost forecast it’s best to wrap the plant to protect it.
  6. Give your Hebe a trim all over in the early winter, this will help keep it attractive and strong.

I love Hebes! Tell me more...

The Hebe plant - also known as the Speedwell Shrub - is popular due to its ability to thrive in a range of weather and growing conditions, vibrant colour petals and leaves and blooming time of late summer. All of these combined together make the Hebe plant a very popular choice with our customers looking for easy to care for, stunning plants for garden or patio.

The Hebe blooms in late summer through to late autumn in striking white, purple, lilac or pink flowers – helping to create the perfect splash of colour in your garden. Hebe’s leaves can also vary in colour from pale green to dark green or even a pale grey, and with the Hebe’s being an evergreen plant they look spectacular all year round. The plant has a natural, relaxed look thanks to its random structure and is versatile to look great positioned on your patio, in an unusual pot planter or pride of place in flower beds.

Hebe grows naturally in the wilderness of New Zealand but is also commonly found in the French Polynesia and South America. Tough little plants, they can withstand growing along the coast or mountain side, which makes them a great, easy maintenance plant for you to add to your garden collection. With over 30 varieties, we're certain you'll find the right ones for your garden.

6 top tips for Hebe plant care