6 top tips for letterbox flowers

02 August 2018

Magnolia the Florist love creating new ways to share gorgeous blooms with our customers. Which is why we designed our new, nationwide service - letterbox flowers. A simple way to send fresh flowers to anywhere in the UK, perfect for a surprise gift, little thank you gesture or just because you want to brighten someone’s day.

Finding our signature box of flowers on your doormat is a fabulous surprise but what can you do to make your flowers look their best for longer once you've opened the box and cut through the gorgeous wrapping?

Here's our 6 top tips for letterbox flowers...

  1. Find a suitably sized container or vase for the flowers. It should be deep enough to support all the stems in water, and clean. Dirt in the vase will only breed bacteria which is no no when it comes to long lasting flowers.

  2. Add the flower food sachet to the water in the vase – this helps your flowers flourish and bloom for longer. You can find the sachet in the box, along with your flowers.

  3. Remove any foliage on the stems that will sit below the water line. This helps stop bacteria from the leaves contaminating the water. 

  4. Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut approximately 2cm off the bottom of each stem, at a 45 degree angle. This gives the stem a larger surface area to drink up plenty of essential fluids.

  5. Change the water after a couple of days, to keep feeding your flowers fresh nutrients.

  6. Display your flowers somewhere away from direct sunlight and definitely not next to a hot radiator. Flowers like cold temperatures, and will survive much better in a cool environment.

Letterbox Flower FAQs

I've not heard of letterbox flowers before, how do they work?

Simply order online from our range of letterbox flowers and send to an address in the UK.

All the fresh flowers selected are carefully treated, prepared and hand packed by our florists in our Kettering shop, placed carefully in a letterbox size box and lovingly wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with our luxury ribbon.

We then use Royal Mail special delivery to deliver the letterbox flowers, so they can be sent to anywhere in the UK.

On opening the presentation box, there will be a card of helpful care tips, flower food sachet, message from the sender and of course the flowers! All the recipient will need to do is follow the instructions to display their new blooms in all their beauty.

What do I do when I receive Letter Box Flowers?

Our letterbox flower service is designed to be as fun and effortless as possible. In every hand packed box we include our care guide, with 3 easy to follow steps to ensure the lucky recipient gets the best out of their flowers.

Why are some letterbox flowers sent in bud?

We choose the very best blooms to send, and in our experience some flowers travel best in-bud. This helps protect their delicate petals and means you will be able to enjoy them for longer once received in the post!

Why is there netting on some of my flowers?

We sometimes pop some protective netting over certain flowers that need some extra TLC in transit. This means the blooms will arrive in pristine condition, all you need to do is carefully remove the netting on arrival.

What are guard petals?

You may see some greener, curled or dark petals on the outside of your flowers (most commonly roses). Don’t worry, these are ‘Guard Petals’ and are left on for the journey. They help protect the delicate inner petals of the flower and can easily be removed by gently pulling them at the base to reveal the colourful petals underneath!

Why do my flowers look a bit droopy?

Not to worry! Fresh flowers and foliage use water to prop up their stems and leaves, so once they are back in water with some nourishing flower food (we supply this for you) they will perk up again to their full beauty.

Love the idea of Letter Box Flowers? Check out our range of letterbox flowers available for local and nationwide delivery and order online today. With seasonality of flowers, we often design and update our letterbox flowers range to reflect this.

6 top tips for letterbox flowers