How to style faux flowers at home like a pro

Since we launched our Faux Flowers range online, they have proved hugely popular with our Magnolia customers! Our ever changing stock of stems means you can keep adding new faux flowers to your collection and enjoy styling them at home throughout the year. If you fancy picking out some faux flower stems yourself, head on down to our Kettering flower shop on Market Street to choose your own from our current floral selection - the Magnolia team will be on hand to give you any tips and advice too.

Read on for our top 3 tips for styling your faux flowers

All Change

One of the major benefits of faux flowers is how super simple it is to change the look of the arrangement just by swapping a few stems throughout the changing seasons. Try having a few all year round blooms such as Chrysanthemum, Lily Spray or our personal favourite - Hydrangeas. Then in the summer months, mix in wildflowers like these pink blush Daisy Sprays, switch it up for Autumn with Berry Branches before swapping in Twig Stem with Cones for a Christmassy vibe.

In the winter months we also love taking out the faux flowers all together from the arrangement and just having faux foliage or faux branches for a sleek and modern look.

Be Creative

The great thing with Faux Flowers is they don’t need a container that will hold water, so it’s much easier to be much more creative with your floral displays! There are tons of fabulous options to use to arrange faux flowers that you can find around the home that will suit your individual style – don’t be afraid to try something new! A few ideas for you to try:

  • Vases & jugs. We all have these about the home! For faux flower arrangements glass vases are fab for a stylish and modern look, or try patterned ceramic jug for a charming vintage vibe.
  • Zinc buckets. Check out these Zinc Flower Pots which are ideal for home styling. These have a rustic feel to them and are sturdy enough to hold bigger faux flower arrangements if you want a larger display.
  • Milk bottles. Perfect for grouping together, each milk bottle can hold 1 or 2 faux flower stems and you can easily play about with heights.
  • Ladder. No, not the kind to climb for DIY,  but the lovely display ladders popular in bathrooms and lounges. Faux Lavender and eucalyptus looked fab bunched and entwined on a shelf!
  • Used reed diffuser or perfume glass containers. Often thrown out, but actually are great to upcycle at home and look great on a dressing room table or bathroom shelf.
  • Wellies. Yep that’s right, if you have a pair of barely worn wellington boots then they make a quirky flower display! Great for adding a pop of colour in a hallway or porch, best to go for larger headed flowers for a real statement.
  • Wicker baskets. This Woven Seagrass Shopper basket is a great size, and has that bang on trend bohemian cottagey feel. Have a big basket to fill? Try popping some screwed up plastic shopping bags in the base to help hold the stems in place.

Mix It Up

We love how versatile faux flowers are in the home, and they look so natural mixed in with other home floral styling. Don’t be afraid to display your faux flowers in the same room as houseplants or vase of fresh flowers, as this helps blend the products all together and the naked eye will find it hard to spot the faux stems!

To help make your faux flowers look even more realistic next to the real things, you can very gently bend a couple of the stems and tenderly ‘fluff’ out the petals - giving them a more real touch.

How to style faux flowers at home like a pro