How to care for Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have become a home interior must-have trend in 2021 – an easy way to add florals and colour to the home without the hassle of fresh flowers. Our stylish dried floral bouquets and faux flowers online range has proved so popular since we launched, and we love that you guys are as bigger fans as we are!  We totally adore our Colourful Dried Design full of rainbow colours of dried pampas grass, bunny ears, wheat and lavender for a joyful and modern dried bouquet for the home. 

There are a few hints and tips Magnolia the Florist wanted to share on how to look after your dried flowers to keep them looking beeeeee-autiful for many months and, if well cared for, years to come. Dried flowers are still a natural product, so remember they may change slightly over time– but that’s all part of their charm.

How to care for Dried Flowers

Tip #1 NO water

The most important tip we can give for looking after your dried bouquet - H20 is a BIG no no for dried blooms! Unlike fresh flowers who thrive off lots of water, you should keep your dried flowers as dry as possible to avoid them rotting. Just simply pop your dried flowers directly into an empty vase or container to display.

If you are looking for the perfect vase for your dried flowers, try our Mojave Glaze Grey Vase which has a gorgeous ombre effect and great size for dried stems.

Tip #2 Keep out the light

The colour of your dried flowers may gently fade and change over time, so to help slow down this we recommend keeping your dried bouquet out of direct sunlight or away from strong light sources.

Tip #3 Give a good dusting

From time- to- time the dried flowers may need a very quick clean to keep them looking pristine and dust free. We recommend to just gently run a feather duster over the petals and leaves of the bouquet or gently blow over using cold air on the lowest setting with a hairdryer.

Tip #4 Avoid humidity

It is advised to avoid displaying your dried flowers in a highly humid room (such as bathroom or kitchen) as the continued exposure to air moisture can make the stems go limp or decay faster – and no one wants that!

Tip #5 Permanent home

Remember that dried flowers are a natural product, so can be fragile – especially the delicate petals and little leaves - so need to be carefully handled. It is best to find a permanent spot at home to display your dried bouquet to avoid having to move it round too often and avoid risking damaging the beautiful dried blooms.

Tip #6 Store safely

If you need to store your dried flowers for a little while, find a box that is large enough length and height ways to fit all the flowers and not crush them. Wrap each stem in individually in tissue paper before sealing the box shut, and store in a place that wont suffer extreme heat or humidity such as an attic or basement.

How to care for Dried Flowers