Launching our new Houseplants Collection

25 October 2019

Here at Magnolia the Florist we are always on the lookout for latest trends and new products we can offer. And one of our favourite trends is Houseplants – not only do they look fab, they are also easy to care for and some even offer health benefits.

The range of houseplants we have trialled in our Kettering shop have FLOWN off the shelves, so we are delighted to launch our Houseplant Collection to buy online too. And to celebrate the launch, we are offering 10% off selected houseplants until the end of November – simply enter the code AUTUMN at checkout!

Here is a sneak peak at some our favourite houseplants from our new online range. We offer local delivery of houseplants to Kettering, Corby, Market Harborough and many more local areas.

Button Fern

Perfect for a shelf in the lounge

The Button Fern (its official name Pellaea Rotundifolia is a bit of a mouthful!) is an evergreen  houseplant, with small round button like leaves.  The long stems will arch downwards as the fern grows, creating a beautiful cascading effect - ideal for decorating shelves or a bookcase.

Houseplant care tips

  • Likes a spot out of direct sunlight
  • Doesn’t like lots of water – sprinkle small amount once a week
  • Ultimate height 40cm

Emerald Ripple

Perfect for the home office

This dark and mysterious looking houseplant is an Emerald Ripple Radiator Plant. Originating from South America, it has striking glossy green leaves with red undersides, and blooms little flowers in springtime. Emerald Ripple plants actually love fluorescent lighting, so are the perfect choice for offices or shady spots.

Houseplant care tips

  • Best in a shady spot
  • Water lightly when soil is dry
  • Ultimate height 25cm

Devil's Ivy

Perfect for the bedroom

Devil’s Ivy (Scindapsus) got its name from its ability to grow in all directions and live a long life! Devil’s Ivy plants stand out thanks to its heart-shaped leaves with silvery white flame pattern. With love and care, this fab houseplant can grow very old and remain beautiful. According to NASA clean air study, Devil’s Ivy is one of the plants that helps improve air quality.

Houseplant care tips

  • A light spot, out of a draught
  • Avoid over watering, the roots don’t like standing in water
  • Loves a spray of plant mist
  • Can be trimmed if leaves get too long

Terrarium Planter

Perfect for the bathroom

These trendy Terrarium Planters are fantastic for adding some greenery to the home. We use a tropical Nerve plant, which has beautiful leaves in white, burgundy and green shades. It loves moist, warm air so is perfect for a humid environment like a bathroom.

Houseplant care tips

  • Loves humid environment
  • Use room temperature water when watering
  • Ultimate size 30cms
Launching our new Houseplants Collection