Eco Friendly Floristry - small changes for a green future

26 September 2019

Becoming an Eco-Friendly Florist

Here at Magnolia the Florist, we are pretty passionate about a lot of things; creating stylish flowers, Gin Fridays, offering great service with a smile. But most importantly, we are dedicated to making changes as a business to become as Eco-Friendly as possible.

A huge amount of plastic ends up in landfill or oceans every year, which causes damage to our wildlife, eco-systems and natural environment. Magnolia the Florist have been researching the best steps we can take as a busy florist shop to reduce waste – and help our customers do the same.

The team are dedicated to becoming more Eco -Friendly Florists, and we believe that even small adjustments everyday can contribute to helping protect our planet now and establishing a greener, sustainable future.

So how are we going to become more Eco-friendly?

We are proud of our unique floristry style and brand, so didn’t want to lose the quality that our customers love. After much careful research, Dean and the team have sourced fantastic  eco-friendly alternatives to replace some of the most commonly used plastic products and packaging.

Over the next few months as we integrate the eco changes to our products you may notice:

  • Using Eco Flowerwrap to beautifully present and protect our flowers for delivery. Fully bio-degradable and recyclable, Eco Flowerwrap is made of natural raw materials making it a great substitute for standard plastic wrap.
  • Adding hand-tied tags to every flower delivery, with a guide explaining what flower packaging is recyclable/biodegradable and how to easily do this.
  • Replacing decorative ribbon with natural raffia and biodegradable string.
  • Sourcing biodegradable packaging for our flower food, which is sent with every flower order.
  • Using bio-foam when creating floral arrangements
  • Switching plastic picks (that hold cards) with in-house crafted wooden picks.
  • Swapping presentation bags for recyclable boxes.

Magnolia the Florist Eco-Friendly Collection launch!

You may have noticed on our Magnolia The Florist website some of the eco changes already starting to appear. We proudly launched our EcoGreen Bouquet range earlier this year, which has proved a huge success with our local customers! Check out our latest stylish flower designs which are all in our unique Magnolia Eco-Friendly packaging.

We are so excited with the changes we are making to become an Eco-Friendly Florist and we hope you love the new products and beautiful wrapping we will be using. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for more eco products being launched soon!


Eco Friendly Floristry - small changes for a green future