8 great ways you can celebrate International Womens Day

05 March 2019

Here at Magnolia the Florist, we are passionate about supporting worthy causes and helping share the message for a brighter, happier world for us all. International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements throughout history to the present day, whilst working to highlight the areas that still need change for more gender balance. The campaign message this year focuses on better the balance, better the world.

International Women's Day

Women throughout history have been changing and shaping the world we live in. From Aretha Franklin belting out the powerful RESPECT, Marie Currie changing the scientific world forever as the first woman to win a noble prize, the iconic style legacy left by Coco Chanel, the legendary Cleopatra influencing the Egypt kingdom to JK Rowling bringing a touch of literacy magic to the lives of children and adults, women have had a massive impact on the world.

International Women’s Day (IWD) has been an important date in the diary since the first International Women’s Day gathering back in 1911. Over a million men and women from across Europe gathered to rally the cause, setting in place a movement that is recognised annually on 8th March. Today, International Women’s Day belongs collectively to all groups across the world who wish to be involved such as organisations, businesses, charities and governments, who together achieve an amazing day of celebrations and events.

Around the world countries will celebrate International Women’s Day in their own unique way. In Russia, they celebrate the women they love by gifting flowers and poetry to female family members, the Italian men give pretty yellow mimosa flowers to women, and in Portugal they host dinners with female friends. International Women’s Day is symbolised through the colour purple – which is known internationally as the symbol for women and signifying justice and dignity.  

8 great ways you can celebrate

1. Grab a book

You can celebrate in your own personal way by grabbing a great book by a female author to enjoy snuggled up with a cuppa tea. Some of the bestselling literature from female authors in 2018 were Michelle Obama’s candid memoir Becoming, the sweet story of kindness beautifully written by Gail Honeyman in Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine or gain food inspiration for budget friendly meals for all the family from activist and campaigner Jack Monroe new book, Cooking on a Bootstrap.

2. Send flowers

Have a special lady that has made a big impact on your life? Why not send her some beautiful blooms to say ‘thank you’ and let them know how amazing you think they are. We have a gorgeous range of bespoke floral designs for International Women's Day including the stunning Highbury Hat Box, which is full of fresh seasonal flowers in shades of purples and pinks to perfectly reflect the symbolic colour of the day.

3. Attend a women’s networking event

Whatever profession or industry you work in, it is great to attend networking events that encourage learning, empower each other and share knowledge. Look at for local networking groups in your area and the UK such as Women in Business Expo in October or Women of the Future Summit in November, which are great for guest speakers and networking with like minded people.  

4. Celebrate with the Gals

Take the time to connect with the important ladies in your life – treat your mum to an afternoon tea and some quality time together, book in a dinner date with your BFF’s from school for a good catch up, or coffee with a colleague who inspires you in the workplace.  

5. Accomplish a personal goal

We all have our personal ‘to-do’ lists, but often let our own goals become ignored due to everyday busy life. Commit to making time to look at your own personal goals this month and set up an action plan of how you will work to achieve this. Whether it’s a complete career change, learning a new sport, ticking a city of your travel list or simply learning how to make the perfect Yorkshire puddings, set aside some you time to achieve your personal goals.

6. Movie magic with strong female leads

There have been great movies made with strong female leads over the years. You may choose to sing a long with the cast of Pitch Perfect, learn more about the Civil Rights Movement watching the powerful film The Help, or enjoy one of our favourite's, the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s staring the elegant Audrey Hepburn.

7. Put inspirational career women in the spot light

Gender equality in the workplace is still a hot topic to highlight on International Women’s Day. Why not organise an event to celebrate the women in your workplace – perhaps profile the inspirational stories of women working in your business on your intranet.

8. Check out IWD events in your city

Get involved with a an event going on locally to you to celebrate with others. Check out the incredible line-up at Women of the World Festival, taking place at London South Bank on the 8-9th March 2019 which includes talks from activist Angela Davis or join the IWD Rally in Belfast starting at Writer’s Square at 11.30am or in Dublin attend Dress for Success fundraiser. Find your local event on the IWD site.


8 great ways you can celebrate International Womens Day