Choosing Funeral Flowers

01 December 2018

“When words escape, flowers speak.” – Bruce Currie

At a difficult time, the right funeral flowers can bring great comfort. There are no rules associated with funeral flowers, however it can be overwhelming to know the right tribute to pick for a loved one. Advice and guidance on choosing a fitting flower tribute is invaluable, and here at Magnolia the Florist our compassionate team will be able to help guide you through the options. Read on for our 5 tips on choosing the approriate funeral or sympathy flowers, ensuring you pick the perfect farewell flowers for a friend, loved one or family member.

Many of our funeral flower designs can be created in your preferred colour scheme, or alternatively we can create a bespoke flower tribute if you are after something even more personal. With fresh, daily deliveries of flowers available at our finger tips in store, many designs on our website can be created the same day or short notice if required. More bespoke work such as letters and specialist tributes will require 5 days’ notice. Magnolia the Florist will always do our best to accommodate requests, so please feel free to get in touch. Our floral tributes can last a couple of weeks depending on weather. If you chose to take them home they can be sprayed with water to help keep them fresh.

1. Specialist floral tributes to say a personal goodbye

Specialist flower tributes are bespoke designs created by your local florist. They can beautifully reflect the personality, hobby or passion of the deceased with a real personal touch. Your florist will use their artistic skills to create a personalised tribute based on your idea of how you would like to remember your loved one. Using  fresh blooms and a range of materials such as ribbon, berries, twigs to create your vision -  from a favourite animal, football team badge, darts board, sewing machine, beer tankard to a black cab.

2. Plan your budget

Funeral flowers are a traditional tribute for a loved one. The florist can guide you on size and flower arrangements to suit your budget best. For example a simple and elegant flower sheaf can start from £20, a traditional Wreath is from £50 and specialist tributes can range from £120 -£350 depending on the complexity of the design.

Another area to think about when spending your budget is delivery. Check if delivery of the funeral flowers is included or is an additional charge. If delivery is not included, the average cost is normally between £5-£10.

3. Listen to the family wishes

Occasionally  the family of the deceased may have specific requests for funeral flowers. At a difficult time for everyone, it is best to listen and honour their request. The deceased may have had a favourite flower or colour they loved, so the family may ask for the funeral flowers to reflect this.

It is most common for immediate family to order the flowers for the coffin (funeral or coffin spray) and personalised letter tributes (such as Nan or Daddy) to accompany the coffin. Extended family, close friends and work colleagues have a range of funeral flower styles they can choose from such as traditional Wreaths, Posies, Sheaf and Cushions.

4. Have the details ready

Your florist will need to know the key information for your funeral flowers; date and time of the funeral, name of the deceased, the address to deliver the flowers too (some flowers are delivered to the family home or direct to the funeral director) and any ideas you may have for the funeral flowers.

5. Respect the religion

It is worth considering the culture and religion of the deceased and family. It is important to understand any customs and ensure the flowers are appropriate before attending the funeral. For example at a Mormon service it is not suitable to choose arrangements in the shape of a cross, due to their beliefs in resurrection. For a Buddhist funeral sending red flowers is inappropriate but white flowers are a suitable gesture.

Knowing what flowers are appropriate to send for funerals and in times of sympathy is important. Our expert florists at Magnolia The Florist are always on hand to offer help and advice when choosing the perfect tribute. Get in touch with the team today and we will be happy to guide you through. Our funeral flowers are considered to be one of the best in the UK by Flower Delivery Reviews.

Choosing Funeral Flowers