Devils ivy Epipremnum aureum

Devils ivy Epipremnum aureum

The story of Devil’s Ivy 
Hanging, climbing - Devil’s Ivy, also known as Scindapsus, can grow in all directions. This houseplant stands out thanks to its heart-shaped satiny leaves with silver, pale green, yellow or whitish spots, or a flame pattern. it’s also a reliable companion: if looked after well, this domestic wonder can grow very old and remain beautiful. The plant also gives something back in return for your loving care: according to the NASA Clean Air Study, Devil’s Ivy is one of the plants that helps improve the air quality in your home.

Care tips for customers 

  • Devil’s Ivy enjoys a light spot, but preferably not in direct sunlight or a draught. 
  • The paler the leaves, the more light the plant needs.
  • The soil can be moderately damp, but do not have the roots standing in water if possible. 
  • Some plant food once a month will maintain Devil’s Ivy’s growth. 
  • The plant loves to be misted with a plant spray. 
  • If the tendrils grow too long, they can simply be cut back. 

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Devils ivy Epipremnum aureum

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